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The R C C Public School is inspired, initiated and being lovingly nurtured GOD."Character Development with Academic Excellence", has been the governing principle of all endeavors in the school. The school at every step, big or small, is guided by the comprehensive educational philosophy of Integral development which emphatically advocates "Education Should Be for Life and not for a Living”. The school offers students and parents a unique educational experience which, in many ways, is different from schools elsewhere. More..

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The R C C Public School is registered under Janaki Prasad Chaudhary Shiksha Prasar Samiti", and the school is established from year 2012. RCC Public School is affilated by CBSE Board and, is guided by the comprehensive educational philosphy of Integral development which emphatically advocates. The School has a highly competent and dedicated team of teachers drtawn from different parts of India who are committed to be exemplars of values.The School has better Hostel, Transport, Games and Sports Facilities. More..

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R C C Public School, Ganeshpur Road-Basti 272002
2. Year of Establishment of school 2012
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Director's Message 

You are all here as students of this school. How can any study be worthy, if it does not confer good knowledge and prompt one to do good work? An Education that help you merely to keep alive is no education at all. The wheels of the chariot of life are good knowledge and good deeds. Charity and sacrifice is spiritual, good behavior is spiritual, keeping away from evil is spiritual. Man feels that riches are paramount, but what he fancies as wealth are but material, momentary and trivial things. Character, virtue, brotherhood, charity –these are the real riches. The company of the good and the godly is wealth, most worthy. Wisdom is the most precious wealth. The educated person must live this conviction. Search for more riches can never confer contentment and peace of mind. In every field, students must strive to become ideal leaders and guides. The students of today are the citizens of tomorrow who will shape the destiny of a nation. When you grow straight and strong, every department of public and governmental activity will become efficient and beneficent.”

Er. Shailesh Chaudhary

 +91 9450815010  rccpsbasti@gmail.com